For all of you with flatheads, here is how to build a 12-volt starter.

by ronnie Sun Apr 24, 2011


Take your flathead starter apart. Keep the long through-bolts and end plate with the armature and Bendix.

This would be a good time to turn the armature. Never under-cut the copper bars or armature.

Use the starter from 332, 352, 360, 390 or 406 c.i. Ford FE engines as the conversion starter. Disassemble the FE starter. Keep the end plate with brushes and case with field coils. Check the bushing in the end plate and replace if necessary. The wire size and number of windings on the FE and Flathead armatures are the same.

This is also a good time to install new brushes. Install the flathead armature into the FE case. Install the FE end plate with brushes. Put long through-bolts in starter.

You now have a flathead starter capable of cranking an engine of 300 to 400 c.i. up to 11 to 1 compression ratio.

The finished starter looks like the flathead starter and you did it yourself.


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