95% Oil Filtering System from (carl roseville)

 This is how I do the 95% oil filtration system. First remember that this should be done only on engines that you are going to rebuild and clean completely as shavings do no good in the oil system. On 59 series blocks you will have ¼ NPT female pipe thread openings at the back of the block (where your pressure sender is usually located)one vertical and one horizontal.

With the block on the floor, drill the vertical opening 9/16 dia. down into the oil pump cavity. Its usually ¼ dia. and this will increase your volume to the filter.


 This can be tricky as you will have to go slow if doing it by hand and the drill may want to send you in circles. I do it in stages with ever increasing drill sizes when not using a drill press. It can be done by hand.

After the vertical hole is complete open up the two ¼ NPT openings with a 37/64 drill bit and tap to 3/8 NPT . When this is complete place a ¼ to 5/16 rod in the horizontal hole that feeds the oil gallery and lay out a place to drill and intersect this line.

 Some blocks have a flat spot that you can drill through (some don't) just make sure that it will intersect the oil line below, that's why the rod is important so that you can gauge where it is. Use a small pilot drill to do this job to make sure you don't miss it. Then drill this out with 37/64 drill and tap 3/8 NPT .This will be your return line attach point from the filter.


You should now have three 3/8 NPT
female holes in your block.

 After this is done you can remove the pump rod bushing and drill and tap the upper boss to plug it off if you are using an electric fuel pump (I do this when using electric's to eliminate as much restriction as possible). If you do this you must turn the rear cam bearing 90 degrees to block off the fuel pump bushing hole also. This will remove the bushing as a little bit of a restriction in the oil gallery line or if you are using a stock pump you can leave it in and run the mechanical pump. On 8BA's Ford changed the way the gallery runs, and the bushing is not in the gallery, and it makes no difference to remove it or not. When running electric fuel pumps on 8BA's I usually use a welsh plug in the bushing to keep oil splash from going out the oil fill hole with early intakes on late engines and no block off plates.


When you are done it should
look something like this.




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