March 2003 ... Revised February-May, 2009

This is a revised paper concerning various flathead notes etc. I had scribbled on scraps of paper (my garbage pile) beginning in late 1949. A lot of things have changed since it was first done in 2003. Enough that it sorely needed updating. There are many gear heads that are discovering, or re-discovering, the legendary V8 flathead. One of the intentions of this garbage pile is, hopefully, to be of some help to these new flatheaders as well as us older gearheads. I strongly suggest checking Bill Bentley's Techno site, the early Ford V8 site, and the Fordbarn site. There is a wealth of information available on all of these sites from very knowledgeable and experienced flatheaders. I do not include myself anywhere near any of these people.

Techno Source for the 1932 thru 1953 Flathead Ford

I've separated this garbage pile into main topics (e.g. fuel, engine, gears, ignition, etc.). I've tried to keep things short, but I'm long winded as anyone who knows me will testify. The Ford 6 and V8-60 are not included for the most part.

A couple of other things. At this late stage of my geezer life (and considering the increasing rarity of flathead parts) I find I am no longer interested in wringing the last shred of hp out of a strung-out flathead. Instead, I want a reliable and strong running flathead that's both fun to drive and to work on. The following stuff pretty much reflects this.... fun, exceptional reliability, making good hp and torque, and makes good gas mileage. Please keep these in mind. Please accept my apologies for the various errors..... my spell checker doesn't recognize a lot of words used.

I want to emphasize these are some of my crude methods, thoughts, and just plain dumb reasoning. I have absolutely no intention of attempting to change anyone's mind or methods with what I write or say.
In places, I've tried to explain my reasoning if I thought it might be of some help to others. Much of this information has come from the flathead web sites and I've included the name of the contributor.... if I remembered to record it. Hopefully they won't mind.

Before beginning to revise this pile of garbage, I talked to my very good friends, Bill Bentley and Shelly Kaptain about updating this. Both thought it a good idea. Each has volunteered to put it on their site. This is a HUGE help to me and I can not thank either of them enough for all the work they each do on their sites for me and other flatheaders.

....rumble seat

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In the immortal words of Fred Offenhauser............

"There are street rods and there are hot rods.

Street rods have a Chevy up front and a can of wax in the back.

Hot rods have a flathead up front and tools in the back."


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