The "Mighty Wiper" from Pacific Western Design

This is the procedure for installing in my '37 Ford Coupe.

The spacer center bore from the original vacuum motor was machined to 3/8" to allow for the larger diameter shaft. If you have the original hardware it's easier than cutting the angle and shaping the one supplied.


This should also work for '38 and '39 with the hinged windshield. However, there may be slight differences in model years

   I used a "Dremel" type tool with a flexible shaft to enlarge the original mounting hole.

   The unit with the 2" shaft length allows installation without trimming the windshield hinge brace.


 Another view. A power feed wire has been run and the on/off switch will be in the headliner.


 From the outside, it can't be mistaken for the original.


All in all, this is a very easy retrofit.




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